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GU, Gu, or gu may refer to:

Arts and entertainment


Other media



  • , a company that produces a range of desserts
  • G.U., Japanese clothing brand
  • GU Energy Labs, a Berkeley, California-based company that produces sports nutrition products



  • Gu (surname), a family name of the Chinese and Taiwanese
  • Gǔ (surname) 谷, meaning valley) came about when a noble family of the Zhou Dynasty was rewarded a fief in a valley area. The descendants of the family adopted the name to link their lineage to that history.
  • Gŭ (surname 古), meaning ancient) is uncommon, being the 204th most common surname in China.
  • Gū (surname) (辜) the family name (meaning guilt) is very rare
  • Gǔ (surname 骨) (meaning bone) is exceedingly rare in China.
  • Gene Upshaw, an American football player


Other uses

  • Gu (god), a god in Haitian Vodou and Yoruba (Africa) mythology
  • Gu (poison) (simplified Chinese: ; traditional Chinese: ; pinyin: ; Wade–Giles: ku), in Chinese poison sorcery
  • Gu (vessel), a Chinese wine goblet from the Shang and Zhou dynasties, also ku
  • Gujarati language (ISO 639-1 language code)
  • GU4 or GUD (𒄞), "bull" in the Sumerian language
    • Gu-anna, the "Heavenly Bull", the Sumerian name for the constellation Taurus
  • GU, a prefix for several types of bi-pin connectors for lamp sockets