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Layout may refer to:

  • Page layout, the arrangement of visual elements on a page
  • Layout (computing), the process of calculating the position of objects in space
  • Layout engine, another name for web browser engine, the core software that displays content in a web browser
  • Automobile layout, a description of the locations of the engine and drive wheels on a vehicle
  • Integrated circuit layout, the representation of an integrated circuit in geometric shapes
  • Keyboard layout, an arrangement of the keys on a typographic keyboard
  • Model railroad layout, a diorama with tracks for operating scaled-down trains
  • Layout (dominoes), the tableau in a domino game
  • Layout or marking out, the transfer of a design onto a workpiece in manufacturing
  • Plant layout study, an engineering study to analyze physical configurations for a manufacturing plant
  • Layout, a specific version of the splits, a position in which the legs are extended in opposite directions
  • Process layout, a floor plan of a plant that arranges equipment according to its function
  • Product layout, a floor plan of a plant in which work stations and equipment are ordered by assembly sequence