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Kampung Boy is a Malaysian animated television series. It is about the adventures of a young boy, Mat, and his life in a kampung (village). The series is adapted from the eponymous autobiographical graphic novel by local cartoonist Lat (pictured). It had two seasons and twenty-six episodes, one of which won an Annecy Award. The series was first shown on the Malaysian satellite television network Astro before being distributed to sixty other countries. It ran for one year from September 1999. A main theme of Kampung Boy is the contrast between the traditional rural way of life and the modern urban lifestyle. The series promotes the village lifestyle as a healthy, fun environment for an intelligent child. It proposes that new values and technologies should be carefully examined. Lat's animation was praised for its technical work and content, and Malaysian critics held up the series as an exemplar for their country's animators. Academics regarded the series as using modern technologies to preserve Malaysian history. (Full article...)

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Along the River During the Qingming Festival

Along the River During the Qingming Festival is a 12th-century painting attributed to Zhang Zeduan. The original painting captures the daily life of people from the Song dynasty at the capital, present-day Kaifeng. This picture shows a 1736 remake of the painting, which updates the scenery to include Qing-dynasty motifs and shows the influence of Western painting techniques, executed by five artists from the Painting Academy and active at the Qing court.

Painting credit: Chen Mei, Sun Hu, Jin Kun, Dai Hong and Cheng Zhidao, after Zhang Zeduan

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