M2 highway (Russia)

Federal Highway M2 shield}}
Federal Highway M2
Федеральная автомобильная дорога М2
Crimea Highway
Route information
Part of E105
Length720 km (450 mi)
Major junctions
West endUkrainian border
East end MKAD in Moscow
Highway system
M 1 M 3
Transportation interchange at the intersection of M-2 and A-107, the "Moscow Small Ring" (August 2017)

The Russian route M2 (also known as the Crimea Highway, (автодорога "Крым")) is a major trunk road that connects Moscow to Crimea. It is part of the European route E105. It is 720 kilometers long.[1]

Inaugurated in 1950, the highway starts at the junction of the Moscow Ring Road and Varshavskoye Shosse and travels south-west, immediately bypassing the cities of Tula, Oryol, Kursk and Belgorod before terminating at the border with Ukraine.

West of the border at Hoptivka, the road continues through Kharkiv and Zaporizhia to Simferopol and Yalta as the Ukrainian M20 and M18.

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